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Subscription Terms: August 11, 2009

  1. Sketch Collectors (this site) makes no guarentee about site uptime associated with your purchase of a subscription.
  2. This site makes no guarentee about the integrity of your uploaded data. While every precaution is taken, data loss is always a possibility and we recommend personal back-ups of any data on your own equipment.
  3. You may cancel your subscription at anytime through the Paypal payment system. When you cancel, your subscription will run until the date you have previously paid through. On that date your subscription benifits will then be removed and any data pertaining to that subscription may be lost.
  4. There will be no refunds of subscription fees under any condition. At anytime you are dissatisfied with the service provided by this site, you should contact us and/or cancel your subscription if there is any concerns about further billing.
  5. Your subscription benifits are declared at time of initial payment. These features can be changed at any time. There may be new features added during the sign-up period which you will be given at the same cost for the life of that subscription.
  6. If you ever cancel your subscription and return, you will have to sign-up at the latest rates.
  7. Billing is currently being handle by Paypal. If you have any issues with the billing process, please contact their customer support.

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